Auteur: BARENDS HANS (1944 - )

Naam: Compositie

Olie op doek

Formaat: 125 X 85 cm

Prijs: 4000 €

BARENDS HANS (1944 - )

HANS BARENDS  (Leiden, December 4, 1944) is a Dutch artist. He is known for his abstract impressionist oil paintings in sensitive poetic style and his portraits. Barends was educated from 1960 at the Royal Academy in The Hague. Through his independence, he has several transitions over the years, developed in style. His identity initially was inspired by the figurative abstract work of Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam 24 april 1904 , New York 19 maart 1997 an d the Italian Giorgio Morandi (Bologna, June 20 1890-1964). Beginning in 1980 he produced his first large colorful canvases. Now his work is known and the subject of numerous exhibitions.

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