CONSTANT CAP (Sint Niklaas 1842 – Antwerp 1915) was a Flemisch artist.

He was a realist painter and etcher of anecdotal genre scenes, historical compositions and portraits. His training was at the Academies of Sint Niklaas (student of August de Wilde) and Antwerp (student of Polydore Beaufaux, Joseph Geefs and Bernard Pierre Weiser). His works are diplayed in the museums in Sint Niklaas, Antwerp and Brussels.

Known example, the Gildenkamer, Schepenhuis, woman Stitching star at the window, by the fire place, Hall Markgraf. His work "The lesson in philately" figured on a Belgian postage stamp from 1977 worth in that time 4.50 francs.


Noordeinde 89-C
2514 GD Den Haag


din - za  : 11 u - 17u30
zon        : 13 u - 17u