Auteur : ADAM VAN BREEN (toegeschreven)

Auteur: BREEN (toegeschreven) ADAM VAN ()

ADAM VAN BREEN  A winter landscape with elegant skaters on a frozen lake, a town beyond oil on panel.  Biography van Breen, he was born in 1585, most probably in Amsterdam, and specialized in winter landscapes. In 1611 he called himself the intention to marry in Amsterdam 'Esquire' of Amsterdam and married in The Hague on February 13 the same year with Maertje Castel. In 1612 he became a member of the Guild of Saint Luke, the lasted membership there until 1621. After he went bankrupt in 1624 in Amsterdam, he moved to Oslo but returned to Amsterdam in 1628. in 1636 he went back to Norway, where he among other things helped to decorate the Akershus. He remained in Norway until his death. Breen was influenced by Hendrick Avercamp and David Vinckboons, he was possibly a pupil of one of them. Adam van Breen Purchases (selection) in the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.


Noordeinde 89-C
2514 GD Den Haag


din - za  : 11 u - 17u30
zon        : 13 u - 17u